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We are located in Portland, Oregon and, specialize in NEW engine parts for nearly all makes and models. We supply only premium brands backed by a full
manufacturers warranty.

For your Japanese engine parts needs, we supply DJ ROCK parts .We may supply King, Hastings, or Pro Topline for backup to fill your specific engine needs. All are premium brands.

We can also service your high performance needs. From our 1969 Winternational Champion class D/Dragster, to multiple NASCAR and SCCA class championships, to hundreds of winners in many racing divisions, the proof is in the results!

Our nearly 45 years of servicing the engine parts marketplace gives you access to the expertise you will need to get the RIGHT parts the FIRST time!

We have a complete engine machine shop onsite where we do custom valve grinding, block boring, rod resizing, and cylinder head surfacing. We service domestic and import engines, as well as street rv (StreetRV), 4x4, and competition packages.

From simple improvements to suit your daily driver to flat out competition, you can count on EPN.